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Wood (Wood) Equivalent System

Working with wood can be a bit challenging in the furniture and decoration industry, as it can be time-consuming. This is why polyurethane systems are more preferred, as they are easier to work with. They are strong, rigid, and can be processed quickly. You can either mix them by hand or apply them with a machine, they work in all ways. Moreover, they consist of three components: polyol, isocyanate, and dust.

As you know, wooden products are usually made from timber obtained from trees. However, natural wood production is struggling to meet the increasing population and consumption worldwide.

Due to the lack of conscious tree cultivation in many places in our country and around the world, and the implementation of policies to protect natural resources, we are currently focusing on developing alternative and recyclable materials.

In the last few years, especially in our country, PU materials have started to replace wooden decoration products, expanding the usage area of polyurethanes in the furniture sector.

Using polyurethane systems not only prevents unsustainable wood consumption but also protects the environment. Additionally, they can be produced more easily and quickly compared to handmade wooden decoration products. They are water-resistant, easy to use, and cost-effective. Therefore, they are increasingly preferred by major companies in the industry.

With PU materials, you can create various things such as decorative building materials, sofa legs, carved furniture and artworks, decorative wall panels, picture, and mirror frames.

When compared to natural wood, the advantages of PU (polyurethane) materials can be listed as follows:

Ease of shaping: Especially in various mold types, including carving molds, they are very useful for mass production. Carved wooden products can be produced in a lively and realistic appearance. The molding process is simple, fast, and efficient.

Wood-like appearance: Shaped products capture the aesthetics of wood.

Super physical and mechanical properties: They provide high durability and low density, and can be cut or drilled using a saw or drill. Additionally, they are resistant to moisture and insects.

Resistance to wear: In addition to excellent acid and alkali resistance, they provide protection against corrosion.

Ease of use: They are lightweight and easy to carry, and do not require additional tools during assembly.

More cost-effective: Compared to natural wood, polyurethane systems offer cheaper decoration materials.

Environmental friendliness: PU systems do not contain harmful CFCs and use environmentally friendly production technologies, helping to preserve trees.

Thanks to the PU system produced in Netakim laboratory, complex shapes and patterns seen in the above pictures can be produced with a smooth surface quality and without any air bubble issues.

Furthermore, compared to similar products in the industry, this new system brings a breath of fresh air to the sector with its stronger mechanical properties due to better screw retention and impact resistance during screwing.

Add to these advantages the greater resistance to heat after full curing compared to its competitors. In other words, this product responds with less elongation to temperature increase.

In addition to these highlighted features, the material’s flowable structure during molding allows for obtaining products with stable density, and stronger products can be produced in terms of compressive strength and dimensional stability.

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