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In the Furniture Industry, the silicones used are used in casting to increase the number of models. Casting materials can be Polyurethane, Polyester, Epoxy and Acrylic. These used products need RTV2 for different needs. Since their structural characteristics are different, the strength of RTV2 is changed according to the product type. In this respect, NETAKİMYA offers 4 different product groups for the furniture industry. This is in the customer’s favor for performance and costing. Please contact our customer service for your RTV2 Silicone rubber suitable for your product group.

NETASİL Product Groups:





Product optimized silicone rubber will give the best results in increasing the number of Models and reducing costs.


Our country has a very developed infrastructure in the Automotive sector, Iron casting industry, Spare parts and Machinery industry. Product viscosity, tear resistance and hardness are important when buying a prototype. NETAKIM provides ease of use during modeling. Costing is made on the amount of material used, not the number of prototypes taken from the product. The use of lower density silicone in the amount of material is important for cheapening the prototype. By offering low-density RTV2 to our customers here, the first product was developed for the needs of the sector in Turkey.

Concrete Casting

Silicone rubbers used for concrete casting encounter hardness and tear resistance. NETAKİM provides tougher products with the same hardness that do not cause model crushing in concrete casting, and allows your model to separate more easily. Cast silicons are designed to increase the number of outputs. While more copies can be made of products, it allows you to get the same performance longer between castings. There are different product groups according to the weight of the casting block by offering products in different hardnesses. Casting block thickness and weight should be prioritized in your product selection. Therefore, you can contact your NETAKİM customer representative to offer you the most suitable product.


In the protection of electronic circuits, silicones were the first materials applied for the protection of sensitive components. It increases the life of electronic devices in the separation of electronic circuits, heat transfer, UV protection and Radiation protection. However, the use of silicone in liquid contact is important for the protection of the product. Silicone provides protection from all aspects by increasing its fracture resistance. The degree of adhesion and conductivity should be selected according to the area where it is used. Therefore, you can get information from your NETAKİM customer representative.

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