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“Due to the difficulty and time-consuming process of working with wooden products, polyurethane systems are preferred as a faster and easier alternative in the furniture and decoration industry. These systems stand out especially for their high durability, hardness, and fast processability. They can be applied manually or by machine in open or closed molds. Polyol, isocyanate (hardener), and filler make up the three components of these systems.
The advantages of these systems are as follows:

Bu sistemlerin avantajları şunlardır:

  • They have a low specific weight, therefore the amount used is low.
  • The waste rate is minimal.
  • They provide a smooth, shiny, and flawless surface; require very little post-casting work.
  • They have the lowest reaction temperature, which extends the mold’s lifespan.
  • They perform well even in cold weather conditions.
  • They have a suitable reaction profile for manual mixing, allowing for casting without machinery.
  • They allow for faster mold opening.
  • They exhibit high hardness and durability
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