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Netakim Chemical Industry and Trade Ltd. Sti.

NETAKİM was established in 2023 to bring a new perspective to the silicon industry, which is one of the leading sectors in our country, and to increase the export capacity in our country.

NETAKİM is the only silicon system house in our country, which was established with its own R&D team and agreements with many companies that have proven themselves in the international arena. It provides its customers with innovative and customized products and solutions from many sectors such as building decoration, furniture, automotive, textile, souvenirs, electricity and construction. In Turkey, RTV2 entered the sector to provide products to all areas where double component silicone rubber can be used, as well as to provide all the necessary infrastructure to reach new product ranges.

He saw the sectoral gap in our country and started to work. It aims to be a source of inspiration for the sector.

NETAKİM aims to perpetuate its success and leading position in line with the importance it attaches to the satisfaction of its suppliers, customers and employees, with its trained personnel who work with 100% customer satisfaction and dedicate themselves to the development of this sector.

Product optimized silicone rubber will give the best results in increasing the number of Models and reducing costs.
Silicone rubber technology for the Furniture, Prototype, Electronics, Hobby, Accessories, Concrete, Casting and Construction industries.
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