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Silicone Rubbers

In general, all silicones (we often refer to silicones as polydimethylsiloxanes) stand out for their high thermal stability, biocompatibility, hydrophobic nature, electrical and separating properties. When silicones are crosslinked to form a silicone rubber, their characteristic properties are still present. During the production stages of silicone elastomers, many main products and by-products are obtained as […]

Compression Molding Method

Compression molding is a production method that is applied by forcing the mold to take the shape of the mold cavity by compression method so that the material fills the geometry of the mold chamber volumetrically. The mold is heated by the hot plates of the presses or the heating resistance equipment to make it […]

Transfer Molding Method

The transfer molding method can be thought of as a slightly improved version of the compression molding method. It is basically close to the principle of manual injection. It is a production method used with a combination of compression molding and injection molding. The presses used in transfer molding are the same as those used […]

Injection Molding Method

Injection molding method is a production method in which the material is fed into the mold within the parameters such as quantity, time, speed, pressure determined according to the process with the help of hydraulic piston and screw-barrel group from the material chamber of the press. The material fed from the injection press to the […]

Cold Runner Block Systems

Cold runner block and cold runner system is a technology used in silicone or rubber injections. The cold runner system is a manifold with an injection unit for silicone or rubber molding and a temperature control mounted between the mold plates and chambers. The manifold, which is processed with precision machining, is an equipment that […]

RTV2 Mold Silicone Usage Areas and Advantages

In the mold making process, choosing the right material is essential. At this point, products such as RTV2 mold silicone come into play. Preferred by many professionals in the industry, this silicone stands out with its versatility and high performance. RTV2 molding silicone is a two-component silicone that cures at room temperature. Being flexible and […]

What is Silicone Oil?

silikon yağı

Silicone oil is a special type of oil used in many different industrial and household applications. This versatile product is widely used in industries ranging from automotive to cosmetics, food processing to electronics. Silicone oil is known for its exceptional heat resistance, excellent insulating properties and ability to form a superior moisture barrier. Silicone oil […]

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