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We are here to bring a new perspective to the silicone industry and to increase the export capacity in our country.

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Active product supply to Domestic, European, Middle Eastern and African markets through R&D studies

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We are here to bring a new perspective to the silicone industry.

NETAKİM is the only silicon system house in our country, which was established with its own R&D team and agreements with many companies that have proven themselves in the international arena.


It provides its customers with innovative and customized products and solutions from many sectors such as building decoration, furniture, automotive, textile, souvenirs, electricity and construction. In Turkey, RTV2 entered the sector to provide products to all areas where double component silicone rubber can be used, as well as to provide all the necessary infrastructure to reach new product ranges.

"Wood (Wood Substitute) Polyurethane System

Thanks to the PU system produced at Netakim laboratory, even complex shapes and patterns seen in the pictures can be manufactured with a smooth surface quality and without any air bubble issues.

Moreover, compared to similar products in the industry, this new system brings a breath of fresh air to the sector with its stronger mechanical properties, specifically its screw holding and impact resistance performance during screwing.

Sectors We Serve

With our wide product range, we bring our products to you in the fastest and most reliable way in almost all sectors. We aim to be a pioneer with our R&D studies and expand our business network with accurate business analysis.




Concrete Casting




Shoe Sole



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Silicone Rubbers

In general, all silicones (we often refer to silicones as polydimethylsiloxanes) stand out for their high thermal stability, biocompatibility, hydrophobic nature, electrical and separating properties.

Compression Molding Method

Compression molding is a production method that is applied by forcing the mold to take the shape of the mold cavity by compression method so

Transfer Molding Method

The transfer molding method can be thought of as a slightly improved version of the compression molding method. It is basically close to the principle

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